Members Photos

I’m sure we could all do with something to make us smile and these photos from Barbara Hodkinson’s garden do the trick.


And what about those daffodils you were growing for the April Meeting. What do yours look like?

Val Winder's Garden


Val Crompton's Garden

Sue & John Griffiths' Garden

Not long ago our gardens looked like this

         (Val Crompton’s garden in the snow)



Now they look more like this

Jane Abramson’s garden

Anne Searle's Garden



Remember the daffodil bulbs we were given in the spring well look at Cara Mitchell’s display and have a look at the plaque behind very appropriate for the current time.


More Photos

This time from Jo & Stephen Humpris - views looking down the garden and with the pergola


We may all be in lockdown but why not take a virtual walk around  Jill Dilk’s garden